Volcano Refillery


Mount Blend – £3.75 p/ 100g
Firehouse Blend – £3.50 p/ 100g
Limited Editions – enquire for pricing

As a benefit, we’ll also offer you

  • A free Volcano tin when you purchase 500g of coffee beans
  • 10% off when you use your Volcano tin for future refills

Every decision we make helps to protect people, our place and the planet, as well as making shopping for the best coffee simple, more accessible and more affordable. Therefore we’ve launched the Volcano Refillery, you can now get your coffee beans direct from our refill station at Door.

When you buy 500g of our coffee, you will get a free coffee tin. And anytime you use it for refills, you will get 10% off. 

Choose between our signature the Mount Blend, Firehouse Blend or our latest limited edition coffee. And if you want your coffee ground, just ask our barista.

*Minimum purchase 200g